Xposed: Cosmo, Seventeen and Seventeen Magazine launch their own mags

Sixteen and Seventy magazine have teamed up to launch their first ever full-length magazine, Xposed.

The mags aim to be a true alternative to other magazines for both new and seasoned readers alike.

“We’re taking the time to really understand what’s out there,” Cosmo founder and editor-in-chief, Dan Pritchard, told Seventeen.

“It’s really about how we’re going to present that to people.

We want to have something that’s very accessible, which is really cool.

We’re not trying to sell ourselves to the masses, we want to get the most out of our readership.

We really want to take a page out of the New York Times and make a really unique, fun, fun magazine that we can all be proud of.”

Pritbeck told Seventy that he and the other founders of Xposed have been working hard to figure out how to make their magazines truly stand out from the crowd.

The team will launch their new magazine in May with the help of a team of editors, photographers, videographers, and editors, who are expected to work alongside the staff and contributors of the other publications in the magazine.

“In some ways we’re just trying to be an alternative,” Pritbrook said.

“A magazine that is a little more traditional.

It’s really focused on the things we love about our lifestyle.

We don’t want to be competing with people.

There’s no one to talk to.

We have a lot of people who love what we do and are passionate about it.

Xposed, which was launched on April 24th, aims to be “the new place for everyone”. “

Our aim is to give people the best in the industry and it’s really hard to find a good alternative.”

Xposed, which was launched on April 24th, aims to be “the new place for everyone”.

“You’ll never see Xposed without Xposed magazine,” Prisons said.

The magazine aims to have a “serious” vibe with “a little bit of fun” and has a “really fun vibe” which is the main reason Pritington decided to take the job, he said.

“[The editors] really want us to be the alternative for the people who are interested in the lifestyle, so that they can be in that space without the hassle and worry.”

Prismans said the magazine’s goal is to “do something that has a little bit more of an attitude, a little different.

It doesn’t have a whole lot of ‘me’ in it, but it’s still very, very personal.”

The Xposed team is made up of seven members.

The other three editors, each of whom will work with a different member of the staff, will also be involved with the magazine, Prit, who said, “We are going to have the same values, the same approach, and we will all be the same in that respect.”

The magazine will feature some of the most interesting lifestyle stories and features from around the world, with a focus on women, people with disabilities, and people of colour.

“I want to make sure that we’re showing a diversity of perspectives and being accessible,” Prysons said of the magazine project.

“Because it’s about creating a lifestyle that’s not just for people who can afford it, or who have the money to do it.”

The new magazine will be launching in May.

Cosmo CEO Matt O’Donnell told Seventys magazine, “It was always our dream to be at the forefront of the fashion industry and Cosmo is proud to be part of that vision.

We’ve been working really hard over the last couple of years to make Xposed a reality.”

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