Which presidential candidates are you most excited to see on TV?

On this week’s edition of the CBS Evening News, host Gayle King asked which presidential candidates have you been most excited about watching on television.

“I have been excited for every candidate, but I will tell you that I am most excited for Bernie Sanders.

He has a lot of things that I like,” King said.”

That’s really exciting because he is the only one that has really been able to get people engaged in this election and to really make a difference and really make change in the country,” Sanders said.

Sanders is leading the Democratic field in New Hampshire, and in Iowa, his lead has grown to double digits.

He is also leading in New York and South Carolina.

But King said that the race for the Republican nomination has been a toss-up, and Sanders is “a very strong candidate” in the Republican contest.

Sanders, in fact, is doing more in New Jersey than in New England.

Sanders has more than doubled his crowds in New Brunswick and the Hudson Valley region, and he is even beating out Donald Trump in the state that he won the popular vote.

King also asked which Republican candidate has the best chance to win the general election in November.

“I think that Donald Trump has the most to lose, that Jeb Bush has the least to gain,” King quipped.

“If the election were tomorrow, Donald Trump would have a pretty good chance to be president of the United States,” she continued.

“He’s got a lot to gain, and I think he would do very well in the general,” Sanders added.

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