Which one is the most expensive magazine?

The average American magazine costs about $2.25, but some are more expensive than others, according to a new survey.

Backpacker Magazine is the priciest at $2,077, while Easy Rider magazine is the least expensive at $1,906.

The survey also found that women are more likely to buy the more expensive magazines, while men are more willing to buy them.

The study, conducted by the magazine’s publisher, Backpackers, found that men are much more likely than women to buy magazines.

Men are 63% more likely as a group to buy BackpackERS, and women are 60% more often, the survey said.

“When it comes to magazines, the most popular brands tend to be men’s magazines,” the magazine said in a statement.

“As such, men and women tend to buy different brands.

Women are more inclined to shop for a brand that has a masculine image and to avoid brands that are feminine.”

Backpackers also found a higher percentage of women who said they were going to buy a magazine than men.

More than half of women said they would buy a BackpackER magazine, compared to only 44% of men.

In a follow-up study, Backpacks said the magazine sales of men were down in the last quarter, but it was still more popular among men than women.

In the new study, the Backpacks found that among women, magazines are still seen as more affordable than men’s, with women being more likely at least one out of four buying a magazine.

Women were also more likely in the Backpackering survey to say they are planning on buying the magazine, with an average of more than 40% saying they will.

Backpacks also found women are also more willing than men to buy backpacks and accessories.

The Backpacks survey found that 70% of women would buy back packs, compared with 45% of male Backpacks.

More from Morning Mix:Mashable’s ’90s fashion shows:The backpacker survey also revealed that women were more likely when it comes time to buy clothing, accessories and footwear than men are when it came to deciding between buying clothes and shoes.

More than half (54%) of women polled said they planned to buy shoes, compared the men at 37%.

Backpacks also noted that women tend not to buy into the trends in fashion that are starting to take hold.

The Backpacks report also found, however, that while women were willing to pay more for clothes and accessories, men are still more likely.

Women spent an average $1.25 more per year on clothing and $1 more per month on accessories, BackPackers said.

The survey also showed that women’s fashion choices are not as consistent as men’s.

Women made up less than one-third of the respondents in Backpacks study who said that they would not buy a jacket, while more than two-thirds of men would not wear a jacket.

Women were also slightly more likely (39%) to purchase an outerwear product, compared (29%) of men, the study found.

Men were more willing (55%) to buy an outerdresser, which is an outer clothing item with a jacket or pants attached, the magazine found.

Women’s fashion preferences also showed up in the purchase of makeup, although Backpacks data showed that men were more inclined than women who buy makeup.

Men are more than twice as likely as women to purchase makeup, Back packs data showed.

In another survey, Back Packs said it was more than half the women polled who would never wear makeup in public.

More women (51%) said they did not wear makeup, while only 26% of Backpacks respondents said they never wear it in public, according the survey.

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