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WASHINGTON (AP) There are so many things to know about Donald Trump’s presidency that you might want to be prepared to skip them all.

First, the first 100 days were supposed to be the best of the new president’s term, but his first 100 weeks are not over yet.

It will be more than 100 days before he can do much more than tweet his way to victory.

The next big question is whether Trump can avoid an impeachment trial that would remove his presidency from the White House and require a vote in Congress.

The odds of a vote are slim.

The House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats, and Trump would have to win a majority in both chambers to trigger a trial.

He has only lost one impeachment trial in his career, in 1986.

If Trump fails to survive that trial, impeachment proceedings will be triggered in a special session of the U.S. House of Congress.

This would be the first time since 1807 that a House session has been called.

The president faces two primary threats: He faces impeachment by Congress, which has 60 days to initiate the impeachment process, or a constitutional crisis that threatens the institution.

The president would be free to step down without impeachment proceedings.

The first two threats can be avoided.

The first is the House is nonpartisan, so the president would have no incentive to stay in power if he decided to resign.

The second threat, which is more complicated, is that Trump’s party would lose control of the Senate, and would need to pass a new Senate resolution to remove him.

The Senate would need the support of three-fifths of the chamber to invoke the Senate’s powers to impeach a sitting president.

The two Democratic senators who support Trump are Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

They are the two most powerful Democrats in the Senate and are considered more likely to be in the White Houses pocket than the other two.

The third senator who supports Trump is Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

The three are the only Republican senators who are not Republicans.

Trump’s own party controls the Senate.

The Republicans are controlled by Republicans and will likely have to vote for the president’s impeachment.

The Senate is divided.

Trump has no margin of error in a majority of the 435 members.

The four Democrats who have announced support for impeachment are Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Patty Murray of Washington.

If the Senate is not divided, a resolution to impeached Trump could be passed by the House of Representative and sent to the U,S.

Supreme Court, where Trump would need at least 90 days to file an appeal.

The Supreme Court could rule against the president in the event he loses the appeal.

If a Trump impeachment trial does not happen, Trump will be removed from office and his presidency will be declared void.

A new president would take office immediately and will be required to resign from office by the end of the next 100 days.

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