Time magazine covers: “This Is How I Became a Woman”

The cover of TIME Magazine is seen at the time of its launch in New York on July 21, 2016.

The cover features a woman and a boy with a man holding a baby.

This is How I became a Woman.

Time magazine’s cover image (left) and TIME cover image at launch (right).

Time magazine cover image.

Time cover image, TIME cover.

Time image, Time cover.

TIME cover, TIME image.

TIME image,TIME cover,TIME image.

Source Time magazine (Courtesy of TIME) The cover, which was first unveiled on July 15, is in a frame with an image of a woman holding a newborn baby.

The image shows a woman in a white dress with a boy in a brown dress.

The caption reads: “We want you to be your own woman.

This Is How You Became A Woman.

You may feel the need to change, but don’t give up.”

The woman and boy are holding a child in the arms of a man, while a man with a beard stands behind them.

“It’s the best cover in our history,” TIME President Scott Malone said at the launch.

“When you put it on, people are going to feel the urge to change.”

TIME Magazine cover image The cover (left), which was unveiled on the July 15 launch, is seen in a gallery at the Time headquarters in New Rochelle, N.Y. (Photo by Time/Getty Images) TIME cover images, TIME logo, TIME masthead, TIME magazine,TIME logo,TIME masthead.

TIME logo.

Time logo, Time logo.



TIME sign.

Time sign, TIME sign,TIME sign, Time sign.

TIME Sign, TIME Sign.

TimeSign, TIMESign,TIMESign,TimeSign, TimeSign.


The sign (top left), which stands for TIME, is the Time logo (top right).

TIME sign (left).

TIME Sign (top center), which is the TIME logo (bottom right).

Time sign (bottom center), is theTIME logo.

The TIME logo on the cover of Time magazine.

TIME magazine logo, the TIME mast head, theTIME mast head.

TIME title, TIME title.

TIME banner.

TIME billboard.

TIME brand.

Time banner, TIME banner, Time banner.

Time name.

Time brand.

The banner (top), which reads, “We Believe That Women are Human and Men Are the Other,” was first seen at a TIME event on April 23, 2016, with the image showing a woman sitting on a bed with a baby in a crib, holding a book in her hand and a young boy in the other arm.

TIME’s name has been used since at least the mid-1980s to advertise the magazine and its products.


The title (bottom left) and title (top middle) are the TIME brand (bottom middle).

TIME banner (bottom).

TIME title (left top).

TIME headline.

TIME poster.

TIME advertisement, TIME poster, TIME advertisement.

Time poster.

The poster (top).

TIME poster (bottom) is the headline and the cover.

A TIME sign is displayed (top) and the banner (right) is TIME’s logo.

“TIME Magazine’s mission is to tell the stories of people, not brands, and to celebrate the human spirit,” TIME said in a statement on Monday.

TIME Magazine’s logo (left center) and Time logo at launch.

TIME headline, TIME headline (left bottom).

TIME logo banner, the word “TIME,” the word TIME, the image of TIME logo at top left, the logo banner at bottom right, the title “We believe that women are human and men are the other.”

Time logo banner (left, bottom right).

The banner at top of the TIME cover (top, right) and a TIME banner are seen at TIME headquarters in San Francisco, California, on April 17, 2016 (Photo: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images) Time’s iconic logo, its red, white and blue, has become a symbol of the brand, which has been described as “the ultimate media organization,” and has become the fastest-growing company in history.

TIME also owns CNN, the Huffington Post and the New York Times.

TIME CEO Scott Malone (L) with TIME president Scott Malone, TIME Chief Operating Officer Mike Rifkin, TIME Vice President of Creative Innovation and Marketing Michael DeLuca and TIME founder Jaron Lanier at the 2015 TIME 100 event in New Orleans.

TIME has also sold more than 1 million magazines and magazines subscriptions, and has published more than 100,000 titles since its founding in 1965.

TIME is the only major media brand to have a global presence, having offices in more than 50 countries and a print network in more toplines than any other publisher.

The company was founded by Malone, who was an executive at Newsweek before becoming the youngest editor-in-chief in history at Time.

TIME launched in

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