The ‘new’ and ‘old’ ways to read the world

New York magazine has published an essay by a man who has taken to calling himself “The New York Times” because, like so many of his peers, he believes that “new” and “old” are synonymous.

In a piece called “The Times That Never Was,” the writer, Jonathan Lichtman, writes that his name is a nod to his father’s and his grandfather’s name.

Lichtman is a graduate of Columbia University’s journalism program and is now a staff writer for The New York Magazine.

He says his father, George, who was a New York newspaperman before his death in 2010, gave his name to the newspaper he edited in the 1940s and ’50s.

He called himself The Times because his father was also an editor at the paper, which was then known as the New York Herald Tribune.

George Lichtmann died in 2010 at the age of 94.

He died a year after his son published his first novel, the award-winning A New York of Our Times, in 1959.

Lichtmans father is the same name as the newspaper that George Lichtmen edited until his death.

A New York correspondent for the New Yorker, Licht is a longtime critic of the Times, which he considers a “corporate-owned” mouthpiece.

Littman argues that “there are a lot of places in America that the New Times could not be more wrong,” including Washington DC, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta, where the Times employs hundreds of people.

In many of those places, he writes, “The news is as much a story of identity as of truth.”

Licht has been calling himself The New Times for a few years now, but his name has not been adopted by other publications.

Littman wrote about his own identity for The Washington Post, and he said in a recent interview with New York that the “real New Times” is a “miscellaneous kind of American newspaper” that includes the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the Chicago Tribune.

The New Yorker editor also wrote a piece last month about his personal feelings about the New Republic, the publisher of The New Yorker.

He was not happy about the newspaper’s decision to remove him from its editorial board, writing that it “will do it for me.”

He also wrote that the publication has had a “lack of diversity of thought” and is “not interested in the voices of people of color.”

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