The magazine that banned its staff from posting photos of a penis in the name of feminism

The National Geographic magazine that bans its staff members from posting pictures of a large penis in a protest against “mansplaining” and the “white male gaze” will no longer be allowed to publish in its pages, according to a court order.

The magazine has been sued by an Australian photographer, who was allegedly barred from publishing photos of his penis in an article that was published in the magazine’s September issue.

The order from the court was issued on Monday by the court of appeals in the US state of Colorado, which was previously ruled that the ban violated the First Amendment.

The ban was initially upheld by a Colorado district judge who noted the magazine had not explicitly said that it was against “mensplaining,” a term used to describe how men explain to women that they are interested in sex.

However, the judge also ruled that National Geographic had not provided clear instructions to staff about the terms “mansplain” and “white gaze.”

The decision comes after the magazine posted a statement on its website on September 9 that read, “We respect the right to free speech.

However, we have come to the conclusion that this article is a clear example of ‘mansplained.'””

We believe that our staff members are entitled to the same level of freedom of expression as everyone else,” the statement continued.

“Our staff members should be able to freely express their views without fear of being fired or disciplined.”

A spokesperson for the National Geographic said the magazine would appeal the ruling.

“Our staff have been very open with their views and opinions on issues related to sexual assault, and we expect that we will prevail,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“As we have repeatedly said in the past, we support free speech for everyone.”

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