How to stop Donald Trump’s war with the media

An interview magazine editor who was a frequent critic of President Donald Trump and who wrote an article critical of his decision to ban transgender people from the military has left the magazine, citing the president’s lack of leadership on issues of national security and the “toxic” environment in which it is currently working.

In the article published in July 2017, The Jerusalem Report, which has since become a weekly magazine, editor-in-chief David Haggadah criticized Trump’s handling of the Syrian conflict, and noted that he has “not shown leadership on the war in Syria, his plan to remove Saddam Hussein from power and his attacks on women, LGBT rights, environmental justice and civil liberties.”

“This is a time when we need the President to lead us,” Haggas article continued, “not only by taking action on the world stage but also by providing the leadership to help our allies and our enemies to move forward.”

Haggadahs article appeared on the front page of The Jerusalem report on July 29, the day of Trump’s announcement to ban transgendered people from serving in the military.

The article also criticized Trump for “attacking women’s rights” and “disrespecting the rights of people of color.”

“He is the one who has turned us into a toxic environment in the Middle East and is causing us to become more divided,” Hrgadah wrote.

“There is a growing sense of unease and anger in the Arab world and the Middle-East and around the world, as the world is now witnessing a Trump-led America that is a continuation of a very dangerous trend.”

Hagadah added that while the American President has taken “great steps” toward creating a “safe space” for the media in the U.S., the media’s “focus on politics and the political process has failed.”

“The mainstream media is doing its best to create a safe space for Trump and to shield him from any criticism,” he added.

“He’s being held up as a leader who has not demonstrated leadership on key national security issues, like the Iran deal, or on other pressing issues like his plans to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.”

The Jerusalem Report editor-on-chief told Haaretz in an email that he did not want to speak on the record about the article.

“We want to focus on what has been the most important issue for us: The threat of war in the region,” Hagadahs statement said.

“I wish the editor-at-large a full and speedy recovery.”

The Washington Post, which publishes The Jerusalem reports, also declined to comment.

In response to Haggahs article, the magazine’s editor-editor in chief, Tzvi Eshkol, said the article was “misguided and offensive.”

“In my opinion, it has no factual basis, and has been used by Trump and his supporters to undermine the credibility of The Washington Post,” he wrote in an interview.

“The Washington Report was not intended to be an objective, objective source.

Its purpose was to provide the American people with an overview of what is happening in the world and give them insight into what the world might be like in the future.””

If Trump wants to do a good job, he must stop attacking the press and stop focusing on the issues that matter most to the American public,” Eshkl wrote.

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