How to play a guitar with your legs

By now, you’ve probably seen the video that goes viral when an old man in a wheelchair is seen playing a guitar on his own.

In that video, he is not playing the instrument in a controlled manner but in a way that’s more “free improvisational.”

It’s one of the most inspiring videos of its kind on YouTube, which has garnered millions of views in the past two years.

In this video, a man in his 80s is seen performing the classic rock guitar solos in a more spontaneous way.

His guitar, a Gibson Les Paul Custom, was the subject of a recent Facebook Live video in which he explained the process of creating it and his thoughts on how to make it into a functional instrument.

He played it by himself in a garage with a friend, a friend of his son and a friend’s wife.

He said he started by making a small prototype of the guitar that he could fit into his garage.

“I wanted something that could be used in a car or a motorcycle and that would be my vehicle of choice,” he said.

“Then, I started to take the components and put them together, put them on my wall and I started taking pictures of what I was doing.

It’s like an adventure.”

He eventually took it to the guitar maker and asked him to make a bigger prototype.

He then decided to make the guitar a little bigger and bigger, until he had to break down the prototype and make it more functional.

“This is the guitar I built and now I’m going to use it in my own living room,” he explained.

“My son was playing in his car and I wanted to play on it, and I took the guitar out and I’m standing in front of the mirror and I put it in the trunk, and he was sitting in the backseat, and the whole time, I’m sitting there thinking, I can’t do this.”

So, I took that guitar, took the body, and put it into the trunk and that’s what I did.

And I took my daughter to the garage, took my son to the car, and that was my first guitar.

“While it’s not something that a lot of people have ever seen before, there are some very practical uses for the guitar in everyday life.

The guitar has been featured in many music videos and on some other shows, like MTV’s Rock or Bust, which is a popular YouTube series.”

It’s definitely a way to give a little more confidence to someone who is feeling down, or anxious,” Mr Tabor said.

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