How the Internet Changed Sports Illustrated magazine’s Storyline

The sportswriters of the world are increasingly worried that the Internet is taking away their story lines.

Sports Illustrated’s current cover story is a look at how the Internet has changed sports journalism.

It’s the first issue in the new magazine’s 10-year history, which is set to launch in the spring.

But with an editor who’s been at ESPN, Time and Vanity Fair, as well as a sports editor who spent 25 years at Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated is not the first magazine to take a look.

“We’re trying to create something that’s much more engaging,” says Katie Walsh, Sports, who was named editor-in-chief in May.

“It’s more about the people, not just the sports.”

Sports Illustrated started out with the idea that there should be one magazine to cover all of sports.

“I had a very simple, ‘This is what it looks like, and I’m going to use it,'” Walsh says.

But in the years since then, the magazine has taken on a broader mission, looking at everything from the NFL’s struggles to the rise of new sports technologies like Snapchat.

For the magazine, that means looking at what makes an athlete stand out in the sports world, what makes a great player, and the culture that surrounds it.

“There’s no perfect sport, but we’re trying not to be like the sports guys,” Walsh says of the editors she has hired.

The magazine has always been about the story, and Sports Illustrated continues to do that through its covers, in-depth features, and occasional essays.

“The way we think about sports is like the way we do everything else,” Walsh adds.

“If you want to know what we’re working on, you’ve got to ask us.”

For Walsh, the focus on stories and stories about athletes is important because, as she says, “there’s so much that we can’t tell people.”

But she also says that “we’re still trying to be an outlet for what we do.

That means not just having a great cover story or a great editorial, but being able to talk about sports in a way that people will relate to.”

To that end, Walsh says the magazine is focusing on the sport itself.

She says the team at Sports has been looking at the different aspects of a sport and working with the people involved.

“Sports is a big deal to the people who work in it,” Walsh explains.

“But it’s not a big issue for everyone, so we’ve been focusing on that.

And that’s what makes the magazine so compelling.”

Sports Magazine covers are set to debut in the April issue, and Walsh says that the new cover will also include an essay.

“Our writers are really in the weeds about what they’re going to cover, and we’re really excited to see what we can do,” she says.

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