Gaming magazines and TV show ‘The Adventures of Pete and Pete’ to be axed

Australian entertainment news has been hit with a new wave of cuts after the National Broadband Network (NBN) announced it would cut the number of channels on its high-speed broadband network from more than 600 to 500. understands that the network will not be fully restored until late next year, which means the popular gaming magazines Penthouse, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly will have to go.

While Penthouse will still be able to publish content through the site, the magazine will no longer be available on the website and the Penthouse online video site.

The online Penthouse video site, which has been available for several months, is also being shut down.

It means the magazine, which is published by Penthouse magazine publisher Penthouse Media, is going to be unavailable on the internet as well as in print.

It is not clear how many people will lose access to the magazines.

But many have already moved to alternative platforms like Amazon, where they can buy content directly from the Penthouses online video store, or from the new PlayStation Store, where all Penthouse magazines will be available to buy.

There have also been reports that Penthouse Magazine, which was a major source of revenue for Penthouse Entertainment, may be axing the Pentstreet site entirely, with Penthouse’s managing director and founder, Pete Johnson, admitting that it was not a financially sustainable business model.

NewsroomThe Newsroom, which ran for seven years from 1993 until 2003, has had an uncertain future, with the newsroom axed and the publication of new stories by the Newsroom Media.

Newsroom was a key player in the Penta-owned newsmagazine Penthouse.

The Newsrooms story will not go on the website, the website is not going to go live on the new Playstation Store, the Newsrooms print magazine is not coming to the PS3 or PlayStation 4.

The publisher of Penthouse News, the Pentashroom, has also announced it will not continue to produce Penthouse news.

Penthouse Newsroom.


Newsonline. The, the website.

Newsgroup.comThe Penthouse Group, which owns the Pentabox media group, has said it is considering all options for the future of the company including the sale of the News Media.

News, Media and Penthouse have been owned by the same company since 2001, when it was spun off into Penthouse Publishing.

A Penthouse spokesperson said the company has not yet decided what to do with the News Magazine and the Newsline newsmagazines.

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