Cosmo Magazine covers the life and times of Cosmo’s original editor, Lulu Gebhart

Cosmo magazine has chosen a controversial new home for its latest issue, which covers Lulu, the original editor of Cosmopolitan magazine from 1974 to 1979.

Lulu is one of the most popular women in history, with a memoir and three critically acclaimed films, and is widely regarded as one of history’s greatest feminists.

The issue is the first to be made exclusively for Cosmo, which will celebrate her 40th anniversary this spring.

The cover features a photograph of her smiling on a beach, with an exclamation point in the middle, with the words “You are one of us.”

The magazine is also releasing a documentary about her life, which is to be released on September 15.

“This is one magazine that is truly committed to the legacy of Cosmoms,” said Laura McAllister, Cosmo editor-in-chief and Cosmopolitan founder.

“They are not just going to be talking about the magazines that are now disappearing; they’re going to talk about Lulu.”

Lulu’s memoir, titled A Thousand Years, was published in 1973 and was widely read and praised by women in the media.

It was later turned into a Broadway play, The Lulu Show, and a book, Lullaby: An Autobiography.

In 2012, Lula Jackson, the creator of the popular children’s show I Love You, Daddy, wrote an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine about Lulu.

“I have never seen a woman more admired,” Jackson said in the article.

“The woman who was Lulu and the woman who created Lulu became a hero to so many people.

We must do better to celebrate her.”

Lula wrote that Lulu has been “a champion for equality and for women in every form of media, from the movies to the fashion to the politics of women.”

The issue’s cover features the image of a smiling Lulu with the caption, “You’re so beautiful.”

Cosmo is also celebrating Lulu by creating a documentary series called Lulu: The Story, which includes interviews with Lulu as well as her mother and sisters.

The film will be made available for viewing online starting in August.

Cosmo previously released a short film on Lulu titled Lulu in My Head, and published an original documentary on her, titled Lululemon: My Story.

“Lulu has made the world a better place for women,” McAllisters said.

“We will be honoring her with this issue, and she will be remembered as a pioneer who stood up to prejudice and inequality.”

Lulululemons is scheduled to be launched at a public screening in Washington, D.C., on Monday.

Cosmopolitan has also announced that a special edition of Cosmagazine will be released for the first time in more than 60 years.

It will be the first issue of Cosmopolis since its launch in 1970.

Cosmogazine is the only magazine that was originally founded by women and featured women.

The first issue was published on March 6, 1974.

It featured a photo of Lulu on a bench and an exclamatory word, “you are one,” with an emphatic emphasis.

Cosmopolists also had a say in the design of the magazine, with Cosmopolitan editor-executive editor Maryanne Whelan (now vice president of editorial development for Cosmopolitan) and publisher Lulu being among the authors.

“It was not just about the editor, but also about the design, and the editorial direction,” Mcallister said.

Cosmomos new home is a nod to the growing importance of the female voice in American culture, which was a focus of the Cosmopolitan brand for decades.

“With Cosmopolitan, the women’s voice is no longer a separate voice but a part of the fabric of what we do and how we do it,” McManisters said, adding that Cosmogo will feature a new look and feel.

“Our goal is to create an inclusive space that’s more focused on the lives of the people who cover it,” she said.

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