A nude cover of George’s magazine is to be used as part of a promotional campaign

By NICHOLAS KIDDER | Staff ReporterA nude cover will appear on George’s Magazine, which will feature a photoshoot and two interviews.

George’s Magazine was created in 2001 and features interviews with fashion designers and artists, along with an essay on the fashion world.

The magazine will feature an interview with designer Maira Kalra, who designed the iconic cover of The Man Who Would Be Queen by Gisele Bundchen.

The cover is expected to be part of the “New World” campaign, which was announced by the British brand on Friday.

The campaign aims to promote a new way of looking at fashion, with George’s, which launched in 1999, being one of the first major retailers to use a photo of its female models as the cover of its women’s fashion magazines.

The British fashion house said it will also use the cover to promote the launch of its next line of clothes in October.

“We want to do something really special with the cover and with George, which is the first time that this cover has been used in the UK,” said Emma Smith, chief creative officer at the brand.

“The cover of the magazine is part of our new look at the world of fashion and it will celebrate the women’s role in our industry.”

“We will be working with the iconic fashion photographer Giseles Bundchen to shoot a new photosho, a conversation with the models, and two interview segments with her, which we hope will highlight the importance of her work and help make women’s clothing accessible to everyone.”

George’s has previously used a photo from the cover in the past.

The model on the cover, Laila Ali, was the first British model to become a fashion icon.

In 2008, she became the first model to appear on a US magazine cover.

She said that she was inspired to make the cover after reading a review of a Giselets clothing line.

“I was reading about this beautiful model in the USA, and I thought, ‘Why is she not wearing any of these gorgeous, very expensive clothes?'”

Ms Ali said.

“She is not wearing anything at all, and this is the beauty of it.”

The cover has also featured on US clothing retailer Urban Outfitters’ website, which features pictures of models from the company’s catalog.

“Every day you can see the impact of women’s empowerment and fashion, and to have this cover from the first women’s magazines that we have in the world, it means so much to us,” said co-founder of George, Lisa Laudan.

“It’s really about being part of that conversation, it’s really a great thing to be a part of.”

George said it was not planning on changing the cover image, but would be working on another version.

“This is an image that we are excited about,” Ms Laudon said.

“It’s a piece of the new world that we want to tell about, and the power of our brand.”

The company said it would not be releasing any new product images for the magazine.

“To be honest, we have no idea how many more pages we have left,” Ms Smith said.

George has been in the news recently after it emerged that it was planning to buy the rights to the American fashion magazine Vogue.

The decision to buy Vogue sparked a huge backlash, with critics accusing the brand of a “shameful” lack of female leadership.

George, which had a turnover of more than $4 million in 2015, has since faced a series of problems, including a $1 million breach in January.

The company has been forced to make $1.5 million in unpaid taxes in the US.

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