The Dupes Sent from Heaven

 Most makeup products that are over $30 tend to be good quality, but for the majority of people spending at least $30 on each makeup products isn't feasible. But at the same time a lot of drug store beauty products don't stack up to the high quality. There's this magical little thing called the internet, which has helped me to find a world of hundreds and hundreds of my favorite brands that I've come across in little discount shops, but never been able to find anywhere else. 

Everyone knows the adorable little chocolate bar packaged shadow palettes from Two Faced. Both have gorgeous shades. 
Semi Sweet; $49 at Sephora
Original; $49 at Sephora

Don't get me wrong, the palette is good, but almost $50 dollars for pretty basic shade isn't worth it if you're trying to save.

Dark Chocolate; $6.49

Strawberry Chocolate, $6.49

Milk Chocolate $6.49
One of my favorite affordable brands, ProFusion has THE MOST amazing shadows that are so pigmented and silky, and so well priced.

You can find all of them on Honestly I like everything about these more than the Two Faced palette, I think the packaging is cuter and the colors are much more unique and pretty. (plus about 8x cheaper). 

The next products aren't dupes of anything specific, but in general are the same or better than most department store brands, and honestly are just so cute.; $6

I really really can't deal with this. It's so adorable and let me just say- I bought a palette (that I will talk about later) from them (BeautyTreats) that is absolutely amazing. Their shadows are such good quality, so pretty, and so cheap.;$12
Each little shadow is something from space. I would just buy this for the simple fact that it's adorable, but LOOK at the colors. They are SO GOOD.

MAC has great makeup, I really do like their products a lot, but they're really expensive and NOT cruelty free, which can be a deciding factor for many people. They have beautiful lip liners, but there are a few drugstore brands that are just as good, if not better.

Spice, $16.50 at MAC
Whirl, $16.50 at MAC

There are two dupes by Jordana that match up pretty well, Tawny and Rock n' Rose

I'm wearing Rock n' Rose on my lips, and a  ProFusion shadow.
No more than $3 at Walgreens
The last dupe of the evening is one that I came across on accident, and perhaps is the best purchase of my life. And saved me $87.


That first palette is $80 dollars. Yes, the one next to it that looks and wears exactly like it is $3. The first is a palette from Viseart which can be found at Sephora, the second is BeautyTreats, and can be found on some online stores, and select shops. I was in a discount store called 5 Below, where everything in the store is $5 or below. I went in to get my normal ProFusion shadows and saw this sitting there and I'm not kidding- almost had a heart attack. I grabbed it so fast and wanted to cry. I had just found the holy grail. I've wanted the Viseart palette for SO long but WHO wants to spend $80 on 12 eyeshadows?

I haven't taken any professional photos of me in these shades, but I have a few from Snapchat of me wearing one of the reds. And this was done with a brush that wasn't firm at all so all i really did was dust it on and BAM so much pigment. The one and only problem with this brand, is that they only sell directly to companies. You have to be a registered company in order to buy online. So you have to find a store that buys from them. Give your local 5 below a call and see if they carry this palette. I did a ton of research and couldn't find the exact palette, but I did find some other really cute ones with the same shades, just different packaging.; $5.99

This basically has the same colors...but more... and cuter packaging.

Being someone who doesn't have a bunch of money to blow on things I don't really need, I've found so many amazing brands that price their products honestly and give you way more for your money. There is no way someone should sell a palette that costs $1 to make for $80. I really appreciate the affordability and honesty of companies like ProFusion, BeautyTreats, Colour Pop, Jordana, and many more. (All of which are cruelty free!!)

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