$15,000 Ruger G2C magazine with new Ruger logo, new Rugers’ name, and $500 gift card on top of the purchase

The Ruger R2G2C is a high-quality .22LR/10mm pistol with a .380 ACP cartridge.

It’s the new Rugerkill G2CS, which is based on the original Ruger 10mm.

It sports a full-length frame, a matte-black polymer frame, and a smooth stainless steel slide.

The magazine features a “MagSafe” design and is constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy.

The new R2 is available now for $1599.99 and will be available at retailers starting on May 25.

Ruger has a reputation for making high-performance products, and this R2 represents the latest addition to that portfolio.

Rugerkills name has been changed to Ruger, but the brand continues to be available on the Ruger lineup.

Read more Ruger is not the only manufacturer to introduce new models with an interesting brand name.

In 2017, Ruger introduced the Rival and R2, which are similar to the original R2 but feature an extra magazine well.

The Rival comes with a full length, matte-blue polymer frame and an engraved serial number.

The original R1 also features an engraved date code, which Ruger describes as an indicator that the gun is new.

In 2018, Rugers new M4A1 platform-specific assault rifle, which the company refers to as a “lightweight and robust platform,” was introduced.

The M4 is a compact, all-metal, military-style rifle with a barrel that’s nearly as long as the gun itself, and features a .223 Remington caliber cartridge, which will be compatible with most of the new .380s in the line.

It weighs in at just 9.3 ounces, which isn’t much more than the Rugers R2 or R2CS.

The Ruger Ruger M4 comes with an 8-round magazine.

The gun is available in either 9mm or .40 S&w.

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